How To Achieve No Commission Property Sales

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Jan,18 2017
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sell home without commission

You have a house and want to sell it. You might think that hiring a real estate agent might make your job easy. But think about it, do you really want someone to share what is rightfully yours. After all, you have invested your hard earned money into the house, so it is only fair that you get all the benefits from it.

Yes, engaging an agent implies paying heavy amounts of money first of all for registering with the agent. Later, when the deal is made you need to pay a commission to him. Sometimes, your sale may get delayed when you are registered with one agent and may need services of multiple agents. This further increases your financial burden.

So, you may wonder if it is possible to sell your house with no commission. Selling a property with no commission is now a reality. You can easily sell your home privately with no commission to be paid.

This leads you to the question how to sell your house privately?

sell or rent your property

Technology has influenced our lives in more ways than one. The way of dealing in real estate is totally different and simpler than what it was some years ago. You do not have to depend on agents anymore. We are now living in an age where we can become the agent for our property. We can use the services of the internet and market our property. Since we own the property we are in the best position to sell it. The buyers also prefer the personal touch of the owner rather than dealing with an agent. There are numerous property listing websites available where you can list your home privately. These sites provide the facility of multiple listings on other websites and social media sites.

In Australia, if you have a property to be sold privately with no commission to be paid to the agent, you can easily list your property privately on the leading property website Minus The Agent. This site enables listing on another popular property website in Australia, privately. Once you have listed your house on these sites you will be able to achieve property sale with no commission.

Using Minus The Agent is a very simple process. All you need to do is:

1. Register on the site by providing the details asked for.

2. Select a package and paying for it.

3. List your property.

4. Upload pictures and description of your home.

5. Buyers will approach you directly.

6. You can get your home inspected.

7. Negotiate directly with the buyer

8. Sell your house

9. Pocket all the profit !!

When you list online, you have the flexibility to make any changes in the data uploaded at any time. Minus the agent provides 24/7 support to people who list on their site. The property remains listed until the sale is made.

Yes, now you can sell your house without giving an agent a commission for selling your house.

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