Managing Your Listing

Creating Your Listing

Once you have signed up and received your username and password, you can login and start to create your listing. The system is simple and easy to use, you will see where you need to enter the details of your property and photo’s etc… It is simple just follow the steps.

Need Help Uploading?

We can help you upload or make changes to your listing, just use the Contact Us page, send us an email, give us a call or use the web chat service.

Making Changes To Your Listing?

To make changes to your listing simply just login using your username and password, and edit your listing any time you like. Once you have finished making changes hit submit and your changes will be updated.

Showing The Address Of My Property

You don’t have to show the full address of your property, you are able to select, “All Address” or “Suburb Only”. If you select “All Address” the full street address, number and suburb will show on all sites, if you select “Suburb Only” your property will show as “Address Available on Request” then the Suburb.

Uploading Images

You can upload up to 50 images to our system, although majority of sites only allow a maximum of 35 images, you can also upload floor plans, interactive floor plans & video’s to your listing. If you have trouble uploading your images, you can send us a copy of your images either via email or post (on a USB stick, memory card or CD) and we can help you upload these images.

(Please note. If you choose to post us your photo’s the device you send to us will not be returned)

Main Image

The main image for your listing will be the photo in position one. To change your main image just drag and drop the image you want as the main photo to position one, hit submit and the main image will be updated.

“Search Price” and “Price Displayed”

The search price is the price range in which the property will be displayed in on the websites. The search price is not visible to buyers. For example your property may be For Sale at $450,000 and you have set the search price at $500,000. The buyers can only see your property is For Sale at $450,000 and this will be visible to people that search within 10% of the $500,000 price. Your displayed price does also need to be within 10% of the search price for it to be visible online, otherwise it will say “awaiting price guide” until it has been changed.

The price displayed is the actual price you are listing your house for sale or can be wording such as “Offers Invited”, “POA” (Price On Application), “Negotiable” etc… This section is visible to buyers/tenants.

Withdrawn, Sold or Under Contract Properties

If you wish to withdraw your property, mark as sold or under contract please email hello@minustheagent.com.au with your name, properties details and what changes you would like to make.